2019 Retail Food Stands

Updated July 11, 2019 

There will be several opportunities for participants, leaders, IST, and visitors to purchase food on site:

Snack Bars at Summit Center and Echo Base Camp

Legacy Snack Bar Menu

Echo Chat N Chew Menu

Beverage & Snack Pop-up Stands across the Jamboree

Concessionaires in Base Camps A-B, C, D, and F, as well as Summit Center and Mount Jack

International Food Houses in Action Point

The International Food Houses will be a major attraction at the 24th World Scout Jamboree. Several pre-approved National Scout Organizations will gather in Action Point to provide the tastes, aromas, culture and fellowship of their homelands. Here is the list of the TEN countries presenting a Food House:

Italian Food House Menu


Menu Foodhouse PORTUGAL

Cafe USA Menu

Holland Hub Dutch Food House Menu

Menú FH Colombia

Others include: United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, and Chile.