2019 Special Diet Meal Kit Menus

Updated June 27, 2019

Kits will include Kosher, Halal, Gluten-sensitive, and Nut-sensitive.

You must indicate these meal needs in your registration by May 1, 2019.

Gluten-sensitive Meal Kit Menu

Gluten-sensitive Mean Kit nutritional labels

Nut-sensitive Meal Kit Menu

Nut-Sensitive Meal Kit nutritional labels

Kosher Meal Kit Menu

Kosher Meal Kit nutritional labels

Given that we have over 1000 attendees indicating a Halal dietary way, Halal food will be provided in the following ways:

For Participants and Leaders in Troops – Halal items will be stocked in the grocery store

For IST living in Echo – Halal items will be in a separate buffet line at the Echo Dining Hall. Here’s the menu: Echo IST Dining Hall – Halal Only

For IST living in A, B, C, or D camps, Halal meal kits will be available at the Pigott or Fork-in-the-Road dining halls. Here’s the menu: Pigott and Fork in the Road IST Dining Halls – Halal Meal Kits

If you need to ship shelf-stable supplemental food to the site, here is the Jamboree mail info: Jamboree_Flash_Postal_Distribution_March_25_2019

For the Troop Food Markets, here are the commercial ingredient labels of all stock items: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DqyQxvSckebCSx6sZcmS8Zf_EI7ZMurj