Grocery Store Info for Units

The next update will be on July 15th

Please read this first: Jamboree Grocery Stores Overview-1st Revision (updated March 16, 2017). Notable Change: New made-without-gluten meal kits on page 9

Info posted July 1, 2017

The full set of commercial ingredient labels for the Made-without-Gluten meal kits have been posted below.

Info posted June 17, 2017

To help save you the scrolling time, below are the key resources for getting your unit ready for the Jamboree Grocery Store experience. If you are new to this whole thing, please scroll all the way to the bottom of this webpage and read up.

Menu Info – The Final Suggested Menus below NOW have the QR codes to import the grocery list into SwiftShopper

Final Jamboree Breakfast Suggestions with Instructions

Final Jamboree Lunch Suggestions

Final Jamboree Dinner Suggestions with Instructions

Final Kosher menu

Final Halal menu

Final made without gluten containing ingredients menu

Grocery Item Info


Final Grocery List – by meal, by category

Commercial Ingredient Labels – NEWLY ADDED: The labels for the components for the Made-without-Gluten meal kits

Made without gluten kit ingredient labels 06302017 All items

Regular Grocery Items Ingredient Labels

Breakfast items

Lunch items

Dinner, staple, and special items

SwiftShopper (requires Android 4.0.3 and up, or IOS 9.0 or later)

Here’s a short video to illustrate a basic trip to a Jamboree Grocery Store using the SwiftShopper smartphone app

Below are some key documents for our Jamboree version of the SwiftShopper App:

2017 BSA National Jamboree – Swift Shopper Food Coordinator Registration…

2017 BSA National Jamboree – Swift Shopper Scout Registration

2017 BSA National Jamboree Swift Shopper User Guide with Menu QR

Product Barcodes for Practice

Practice Troop 9999 Leader QR Code

Based on our May 2nd Stress Test (THANX to those who participated), we think it is important for our scouts to “play” with the app before the Jamboree. We have included provisional QR codes for a mock troop, mock grocery tent, and mock cashier, as well as some sample product barcodes. We also discovered there is such a thing as an OLD smartphone with a camera that won’t do the scanning. Please make sure your phone’s operating system has been recently updated.

Info posted May 1, 2017
Labels are Ready!

Below are links to the commercial ingredient labels for almost all of the grocery store items. We still have a few to add (14 as of this writing), so we’re still on pace to have all posted by May 15th. Please let your families know.

Unit Food Coordinator update

Here is a new Unit Food Coordinator listing Unit Food Coordinators as of April 30th as submitted via . We have deleted all blank records and obvious alias’s. THE GOAL is to get to ONE Unit Food Coordinator per 40-person campsite. At our meetings at the Summit this past weekend, the partial troop partnerships were completed and news will be out soon…the assembly of Crews into 40s will not be complete for a few more days. By May 15th, we will begin issuing unit logins to Unit Food Coordinators of many Jamboree Troops for menu-forecasting website, as well as the SwiftShopper app.

FYI Catering info is Posted…see tab above
May 17th Jamboree Webinar’s theme is FOOD

Help us make sure we are providing the info you need by shooting your questions to

Below are the instructions to join us for the monthly Jamboree Unit webinar.  Please make sure to add the webinar to your calendar.  This month’s webinar will be Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 4pm eastern time or 8pm eastern time.  The topic of the webinar will be “Jamboree Food.”  We will allow time for a short Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

The webinars ARE recorded and the recording will be placed on our website.    Previous webinar recordings can be found at:

Please note that the webinars have a capacity of 300 participants.  Whenever possible, please attend the webinars as a group watching and listening from one connection, not multiple connections.  If you are unable to join because the capacity has been reached, the recording to the webinar will be placed on our website.

Below are the instructions to access the webinar.

Event Date:                Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Event Start Time:      4pm eastern time or 8pm eastern time (there is not a need to attend both sessions)

To connect to the Web Conference:


Click here:

TO CONNECT WITH YOUR *TELEPHONE ONLY* (no computer or images):


  1.         Choose one of the following numbers to dial:

* Caller-Paid number: 213-787-0529

* Toll-Free Number (in USA): 888-808-6929.

* Blackberry (Caller-Paid): 2137870529×8934839#

* iPhone (Caller-Paid): 2137870529,,8934839#

  1.         When prompted, enter the Meeting Access Code: 8934839#

To prepare in advance for the conference (for all devices):

To view supported Operating Systems and devices:


Info posted April 18, 2017
Unit Food Coordinators – Still need 100+

This is the list of Unit Food Coordinators as of April 17 2017. Instructions for adding, deleting, and changing are at the top of the page. If your Jamboree unit is not on the list, get your UFC registered here

We do have many partial units (defined as any group less than 40), that will need a single UFC to represent all of the folks in the campsite. This may delay Food Team issuing usernames and passwords for the menu-forecasting website and SwiftShopper app. Stay tuned.

SwiftShopper is ready to go, but first let’s give it a huge test on May 2nd

We will be doing a SwiftShopper Stress Test on May 2, 7-9pm Eastern, 6-8pm Central, 5-7 Mountain, and 4-6pm Pacific. Everyone is welcome to participate, even youth 14 years old and older. Please sign up to participate by April 25th at

And a Drum Roll Please…

At long last, here is a spreadsheet for the Final-Grocery-List-with-Points-April-2017-3 We’ve left it as a spreadsheet (instead of a PDF) so your unit can play with it as you plan your menus. We’ve included columns to help you know about the package sizes, servings, and how many packages it takes to serve 40.

Each day during the Jamboree (about 10am), we will reset each unit of 40’s SwiftShopper account to 2,017 points (no carryover balances, so eat well as you go).

Still to Come…Commercial ingredient labels will be posted on May 15th to assist those families planning supplemental food items to support their scout’s various allergies…as well as each Jamboree’s efforts to help with dietary variations.

Info posted March 31, 2017

NEW: Below are the drafts for the individually packaged meal kits for those observing (and registered for) a Kosher, Halal, or Made-without-Gluten diet:

Draft meal kit menu – Kosher

Draft meal kit menu – Halal

Draft meal kit menu – Made without Gluten

We will email this news to Jamboree registrants that indicated these needs with an invitation for feedback by April 15th to . As a reminder, these 3 specific dietary requests must be entered into the individual’s Jamboree registration record by May 1. For registration assistance, please contact .

So how will the Jamboree Food Team forecast how much of which groceries to stock in each grocery store each day?

Great question! We’ll need your help.

The Jamboree Food Team invites all interested to test the 2017 Jamboree Cook Book and Meal Forecasting website. Since the plan this Jamboree is for units to shop for ingredients to make their own meals of choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, this site is a tool to aid units in the planning process by showing ten to twelve possible menus for each meal and providing a way for units to share their daily meal preferences with us. This will assist planners to stock the grocery stores effectively to support the units and not drive up the expenses to the Jamboree.

For the Jamboree, each Unit Food Coordinator will be given a user name and password to access the forecasting tool. Below is a list of TEST user names and passwords if you would like to play with the tool.

The instructions are straightforward and appear on the first page after you log in. TEST usernames and passwords are as follows:

Unit Menu-Forecasting website TEST access codes

There are several TEST usernames for each Basecamp so hopefully during the test people randomly choose different accounts and aren’t trying to save selections at the same moment in time. Feel free to try it out. Log on, read the instructions, look at the meal options, print the instructions if you like, make selections, save them and then confirm that they saved. For those who want to delve deeper, you will find there are reports that can be generated that Food Team will use to plan inventory in the grocery stores. The meals indicated can all be made with stock ingredients in the store and your selections flow through to reports that will help us with the inventory of items desired at each store.

We know that you have choices when shopping and that you will likely alter a meal by selecting different side dishes or desserts from those indicated in the cookbook. That happens at home all the time and surely will at the Jamboree. Since the website isn’t designed for that, in your choice selection you will be asked to indicate the desired meal based on the main course.

Also, please understand that a selection in the system is not an order or reservation of a meal, but rather a selection that will help us try to maintain necessary stock levels of desired ingredients. There will be times undoubtedly that items run out, but hopefully with this tool they will be fewer because we will know in advance of the more desirable meals on a given day.

Here is the link to the site:

And if something goes wrong feel free to reach out to our help desk with any requests by emailing . We also welcome feedback, both positive and for possible improvement, at that email address.

300+ Unit Food Coordinators are still needed

We ask that each unit register one designated Food Coordinator. Traditionally the 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster/Associate Advisor, this person will be issued the primary user credentials for the online menu-planning tool, as well as the SwiftShopper App for your unit of 40. It is acceptable for your Food Coordinator to be a youth leader (perhaps the Quartermaster) IF they are at least 13 years of age (as of now) to meet online child safety rules. Register your unit Food Coordinator (Jamboree unit number, Basecamp, name, email, and mobile phone number) at this link:

We are aware that there are several partial units that have yet to be attached to each other. The Jamboree Administration is working on those. For now, feel free to enter a coordinator for your partial group and we’ll modify those later.


Info posted March 16, 2017

Please read this first: Jamboree Grocery Stores Overview-1st Revision (updated March 16, 2017). Notable Change: New made-without-gluten meal kits on page 9

When you send 43,661 emails seeking feedback on Jamboree food you receive A LOT of feedback. Based on those notes, the 2017 Food Team is pleased to share the following updated info:

Info Coming soon:

  • Menus by day for individually packaged meal kits that units will pick up at the Special Diets Counter in the grocery store. The kits are allocated to each unit based on the dietary selections made during registration as of May 1st, and support the following diets: Kosher, Halal, and Made-without-Gluten. After April 1st, an email will be sent to the 700-ish Jamboree registrants that indicated these 3 dietary needs when they registered…with a very short period for feedback on the meals.

As a reminder:

Official Jamboree policy on food allergies from the Jamboree Council Planning Guide, page 28,

“…the Food Team cannot feasibly plan for all specific dietary needs of all persons attending the jamboree. Therefore, anyone with special food requirements for medical reasons (after medical permission to attend jamboree is granted), or personal dietary beliefs, must make their own arrangements to meet those needs by bringing nonperishable food with them—just as they would bring their own medications. “

As we get closer to the Jamboree the following additional food resources will be posted:

  • Grocery list spreadsheet with packaging quantities, point values, etc.
  • A request for Unit Food Coordinators to post their meals on a Menu-forecasting website that we can use to try to plan the stock (especially the main dishes) needed in each store by day during the Jamboree.
  • A slideshow presentation on how to use the SwiftShopper app.
  • May 17th “All things Food” Jamboree Webinars.
  • An invitation to Unit Food Coordinators to participate in a SwiftShopper Stress Test – Date TBD.
  • Information about the Grocery Help Line available during Jamboree Grocery Store Hours.


Info posted January 31, 2017

Please read this first:  Jamboree-Grocery-Stores-Overview (originally published Jan 2017)

For more information about the development of the Jamboree Grocery concept, you can access the slide deck and recording from the Jamboree Council Coordinators’ webinar in August 2016 here:

We ask that each unit register one designated Food Coordinator. Traditionally the 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster/Associate Advisor, this person will be issued the primary user credentials for the online menu-planning tool, as well as the SwiftShopper App for your unit. It is acceptable for your Food Coordinator to be a youth leader (perhaps the Quartermaster) as long as they are at least 13 years of age (as of now) to meet online child safety rules.

Register your unit Food Coordinator (Jamboree unit number, Basecamp, name, email, and mobile phone number) with this link:

Draft Menu List – by meal– Final lists out March 15th

Draft Grocery List – by meal, by category– Final lists out March 15th