2019 World Jamboree International Food Houses

The International Food Houses will be a major attraction at the 24th World Scout Jamboree.  Several NSOs from all over the world will gather to provide the tastes, aromas, culture and fellowship of their homelands with participants from around the world.  NSOs who are interested in participating in the International Food House Program should send an email to 2019jamboreefood@gmail.com to get on the monthly update email list. This webpage will serve as an ongoing resource for NSO Food House managers…and eventually their customers at the Jamboree.

While all the details are not yet finalized, those NSOs participating will be provided with procedures for what they can ship to the United States, the process to rent equipment they need to operate a food house, as well as arranging the local purchase of food & supplies for regular delivery.  The “Pitch” fee will include mandatory flooring, tents, and equipment to be compliant with all local regulations.  All of the equipment provided will be compatible with local utility connections so it will work without the need for special adapters.  The World Jamboree Planning Team is working diligently to ensure an NSO has everything necessary to begin setting up as soon as they arrive.

THE Food House Application

The links to the application and instructions are in this document: Food House – Tenth Monthly Update – August 7, 2018

Food House Policies & Guidelines – Version 3 – August 2018

2019 WSJ Food House Equipment Price List-Revised Aug 2018

Food House Equipment Photos – Aug 2018

Eurest Dining_BSA 24′ Concession Trailer

Eurest Dining_BSA 28ft Trailer


Past monthly updates

Food House – First monthly update – November 7, 2017

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Other Documents

From the Food House Application Information Package:

Cover Letter from Rick Diles, Jamboree Food Director – April 2018

Food House Policies & Guidelines – Version 2 – June 2018

Food House Application Worksheet – Version 3 – June 2018

2019 WSJ Food House Release Agreement

Sample West Virginia Temporary Food Stand Permit Application

2019 WSJ Food House Equipment Price List-Revised June 2018

From the May 2018 update: Sample Food House product and equipment order May 2018 , Food House Fair-Pricing Guidelines – Version 1 – May 2018

From the November 2017 update: Food House hand-drawn location at Action Point